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Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Roy Van Til writes about this book:

My father William Van Til wrote a book published by Scribner’s in 1938 entitled “The Danube Flows Through Fascism: Nine Hundred Miles in a Fold-boat”. It details the extraordinary river journey he and my mother, Bee Blaha Van Til, were brave or crazy enough to make in the summer of 1937 when they were 26 years of age and married for two years. My dad’s editor was the talented Maxwell Perkins.

This is my favorite book in the world: The writing is eloquent. The context of the story on the eve of Armageddon is compelling. The romance is real and palpable. And the sense of history is powerful and chilling, for the haunting and thunderous echoes of the tribal past under the storm clouds of fascism still resound ominously in our unstable times.

My dear brother Jon recorded his reading of this work of nonfiction this April and May from his home in Budapest. The first half you can click on, without fear of any corruption of the data, is over five hours in length and includes the initial 15 chapters. The remaining fourteen chapters are also safe from gremlins, and takes over four hours in total to listen to. Chapters average 20 minutes in length and make for ideal listening for any quiet time you might be able to carve out of your busy days.

When the spirit moves you, please give it a go. I believe you will find the audio version to be as engrossing, inspiring, uplifting and relevant as the text itself, or possibly even more emotionally engaging. Jon does an exceptionally fine job of bringing the words to life. You may feel time itself melt away while you are whisked away with Bee & Bill in spirit in "the Duck” as they journey courageously through the heart of Europe on the tenuous brink of a most fateful period in the history of the world. I am excited for you as you begin this odyssey.

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